Vision for the Future

Vision for the Future Scholarship Campaign
Rob Istad, President

CCDA’s Vision for the Future Scholarship Campaign successfully launched during the ECCO Conference in July and regional conferences in September 2015.  We exceeded our goal and raised a total of $15,238!  Thank you to all that contributed!  Lori Marie Rios led a passionate and exciting fundraising effort during the conference, and many of our members rose to meet her challenge.  Donors dedicated initial contributions to their mentors, and we could feel the electricity of inspiration as the honor roll of contributors grew throughout the conferences.

The Vision for the Future Scholarship Fund will provide our constituency with increased opportunity for professional development and will directly promote lifelong learning.  Scholarship Funds will be distributed via democratic application and review process within the Scholarship Committee.  Funds will be awarded (as available) to members in good standing that provide substantial rationale of need regardless of current career status.  The Vision for the Future Scholarship Fund will be built over time by the good will and generosity of the members of CCDA.  The funds will be established as a separate scholarship savings fund within our current budget, rolling over from year to year.

The kick-off campaign for Vision for the Future offers donors the opportunity to honor their musical mentors with their contribution. Members that give will be recognized as follows:

  1. A list of names and designated honorees will be printed in Cantate.
  2. Donors that give in excess of $100 will be recognized as members of the Founder’s Circle, and will receive a CCDA lapel pin to wear during conferences and other ACDA Events.
  3. During the Regional Conferences, Western Division Conference and CASMEC, a list of donor names will be prominently displayed.

If you did not attend one of the conferences, you can still contribute to the Vision for the Future Scholarship Fund using the form below. If you have any questions, you may contact me at for more information.  Thank you for your support!

Rob Istad
President, CCDA
Chair, CCDA “Vision for the Future” Scholarship Campaign