CCDA Choral Equity Scholarship

The CCDA Choral Equity Scholarship Fund is a special vehicle for monetary support of special projects and scholarships that are specifically available for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) and/or underrepresented choral directors in California. The fund is focused on creating professional development opportunities specifically for people within these communities. The funds may be used for musical and social programs that will benefit the choral director, their musicians, and the communities in which they serve. A portion of the money received from the “Vision For the Future Fund” will be allocated to this new scholarship. This proposal to add an equity scholarship under the umbrella of Vision For the Future is intended to encourage BIPOC and/or underrepresented choral directors in California to seek beneficial professional development that may not be supported by their institutions.

  • Award Name: Choral Equity Scholarship
  • Amount: Up to $500 annually
  • Must the whole amount be given every year? No
  • Criteria for Application: Any choral, educational or equity-based program that aids in the musical or communal benefit of a BIPOC and/or underrepresented choral director in California can be submitted to the committee for consideration.
  • Focus of Submissions: Applications for the Choral Equity Scholarship are considered to be stronger when the following attributes are present:
  1. Project or proposal aligns with the mission and goals of CCDA
  2. Project or proposal addresses important issues of CCDA members and/or the communities they serve
  3. Project or proposal can be completed successfully and meaningfully with a one-time grant (the proposal does not require continued funding to be successful)
  4. Project or proposal is clearly written and has definable and realistic outcomes
  5. Project or proposal can be considered a creative and beneficial use of the funds (something new or timely or addresses important issues)