CCDA Creativity Grants

The CCDA Vision for the Future fund is a special vehicle for monetary support of special projects and scholarships that are valued by the organization. The specific avenues of support are defined by the various scholarship and award names, and the fund is focused on “Creating Opportunities Promoting Excellence.” There is presently no specific avenue for people to request money and support through the Vision for the Future fund unless it aligns with a previously-named grant or scholarship. This proposal to add a “Creativity Grant” to the named awards under the umbrella of Vision for the Future is intended to fuel even more interest and support for the fund, and to allow the membership to dream about new opportunities that could be supported by the fund.

  • Award Name: Vision for the Future Creativity Grant
  • Amount: Up to $500 annually
  • Must the whole amount be given every year? NO
  • Criteria for Application: Any idea that focuses on “Creating Opportunities Promoting Excellence” can be submitted to the committee for consideration. Submissions for a Creativity Grant should not be better suited for a different existing VFTF grant or scholarship. Submitting the same application for two different award categories is not allowed. Timelines for submitting will align with the other awards and scholarships.
  • Focus of Submissions: Applications for the VFTF Creativity Grants will be considered to be stronger when the following attributes are present:
  1. Project or proposal aligns with the mission and goals for the organization.
  2. Project or proposal addresses important issues of our members.
  3. Project or proposal can be successful and meaningful with a one-time grant (the proposal does not require continued funding to be successful).
  4. Project or proposal is clearly written and has definable and realistic outcomes.
  5. Project or proposal can be considered a creative use of the funds (something new or timely).