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Welcome to A Cappella and Show Choir resource page for CCDA. I will try and make a few suggestions which might be of some help. If you have any questions or need further resources for your specific program, please reach out to me.


When looking for repertoire, not much will be published by traditional locations and companies. By time they obtain licensing for a tune, the song is a few years old. For the most up-to-date selections, many arrangers self-publish their arrangements. Below is a list of great arrangers and their contact info.

Sheet Music Plus: https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/ensembles/a-cappella/500045

The first place to go!




A special offer from Deke:

Hi Directors, Deke Sharon here (stealth account).

The tough times continue, and I’d like to help you with your programs however possible, including:

* If you need any repertoire and have no budget, I have over 1,000 published arrangements, I’ll send you PDFs for free. https://capublishing.com/?fbclid=IwAR3Qr9jmQF0ayeT4moXdiITBjZ8769Hghtwe2Pitk8h5T9Xakd5j4U54lBM

* If you need some online video content to teach extended vocal techniques, aspects of a cappella, etc, I have a YouTube channel with a variety of topics and never any ads: www.youtube.com/dekesharon

* If you have any questions I might be able to help with, drop me a line, happy to help free of charge.

You all are changing lives during difficult times, and I want to do whatever I can to help. Thanks for making the world a better, more harmonious place!


Arrangers we like (if you would like to add your name, please email Bret)




Summer Camps


Resources and Websites

Visit www.acappella.how for a comprehensive list of online resources, including starting a group, directing, vocal percussion and instrumental tutorials, arranging tips, etc. The site is updated a few times a year.


  • A Cappella – Deke Sharon, Brody McDonald & Ben Spaulding
  • A Cappella Pop – Brody McDonald
  • Barbershop Arranging Manual – Barbershop Harmony Society
  • A Cappella Arranging – Deke Sharon & Dylan Bell
  • Theory of Barbershop Harmony – Barbershop Harmony Society
  • Successful Performance Manual – Barbershop Harmony Society
  • The Heart of Vocal Harmony – Deke Sharon


Organizations and Websites



Show Choir info

Please contact me directly.