Middle School / Jr. High School

Hello, CCDA!

I am honored to be your Junior High/Middle School R & R Chair. I love teaching middle school students because of their energy, their openness to creating music, their love of learning, and their amazing senses of humor. I feel so lucky to teach this age because I am part of something magical: students developing a love of making music that will last their whole life long. Many of us remember an inspiring college or high school teacher that led us to this profession, but for most of us, our love of music and performing began earlier than that, in elementary or middle school. Feel free to contact me with any questions, ideas, or concerns for middle school/junior high teachers that you think need to be heard.

If you know of any events that CCDA members should know of, please let me know so I can share with the rest of our junior high and middle school choir teachers.

CCDA Summer Choral Summit Documents

All-State Junior High Honor Choir

  • Information regarding the 2021 Junior High/9th Grade All-State Honor Choir can be found here.

Middle School Nuts and Bolts Presentations, ECCO

Below you’ll find some great resources and rep lists presented at ECCO.

Repertoire Lists