Repertoire & Resources

Who are our Repertoire & Resources Chairs, and what is their function?

The Repertoire & Resources (R&R) chairs provide support, vision, and resources for every major area of choral performance. They are appointed by the President of the California Choral Directors Association to serve conductors, teachers, composers, and others who share similar interests and areas of focus, and they are chosen on the basis of their demonstrated expertise and success in their specific choral area. These individuals play an important role in serving you by providing:

  • Leadership and Expertise in a particular area of emphasis
  • Information and Resources to choral directors working in these areas
  • Networking, Collaboration, and Outreach opportunities to connect choral directors with others working in the same area in order to share best practices

R&R chairs promote excellence in all aspects of the performance of choral music. Click on “Repertoire & Resources” in the menu above to see our R & R categories, and to visit their pages. On the right side of each R&R page you will find a picture and contact information for the Chairperson of that particular choral category, and if you click on their picture, you can read their bio to learn more about them.

If you have any questions for them, please don’t hesitate to contact them. They are happy to serve you!