The First California ACDA State Conference in February 2016 was a huge success! In addition to the All-State Choirs, the following choirs performed:

  • American River College Vocal Jazz Ensemble
  • Clark Intermediate Sotto Voce
  • Clovis East High School Women’s Chorale
  • Fisher Middle School Women’s Choir
  • Fountain Valley High School Troubadours
  • Fullerton College Choir
  • Riverside City College Chamber Singers
  • San Jose State University Concert Choir and Choraliers
  • The Choral Project
  • Santa Susana High School Abbe Road A Cappella
  • Serra High School Men’s Chorus
  • University of Redlands Chapel Singers
  • Young Women’s Chorus of San Francisco

Fifteen interest sessions were presented by some of California’s finest choral and vocal educators, many of whom provided related music packets and/or handouts. The materials that are available for download will be linked below under the sessions’ title or description.

Interest Sessions:

  • No Longer Breathless – Katharin Rundus
            Session Handout
  • Developing a Comprehensive Curriculum for Music Fundamentals and Ear Training Using Sonic Fit – Jeff Morton
            Jeff Morton Website
            Session Handout
  • Developing the Audiation Skills of Choral Musicians as a Means for Improving Musicianship – Joseph Schubert
  • Diversifying Your Pedagogy Toolbox: Using the Wheel of Pedagogy to Build Effective Rehearsals – Jeshua Franklin
  • From the Court to the Concert Hall: What Conductors Can Learn from Great Coaches and Sports Psychology – Buddy James
  • Middle School Madness – Roger Emerson
  • Safe & Beautiful Belting Technique – Lisa Popeil
            Session Handout
  • Sight-Singing Success for Every Ensemble in the Statewide System of Rated, Tiered Choral Festivals – Karen Garrett
  • Sing, Shout, Stomp: Early American Music – Honey Whiskey Trio
  • Singing the Same Language: Choral Director as Voice Teacher – Jeffrey Benson & Layna Chianakas
  • Solfege and Sonority: Teaching Music Reading in the Choral Classroom – David Xiques
            Session Handout
  • Songs for Classroom and Stage – Gemma Arguelles
            Session Handout
  • To Read or Not to Read…There is No Question! – Anne-Marie Katemopoulos
  • Tune Up Your Diction Toolkit – William Sauerland & Brandon Adam
  • Working with Developmental Choirs – Angel Vázquez-Ramos