Vice President’s Page

This past Spring and Summer was an incredibly active time for California ACDA Board on an organizational level. As I write this, I realize that what I’m writing is kind of boring stuff, but it will make a tremendous difference to the future of this organization. So read on!

The Full Board spent three full hours at ECCO 2016 pouring over each line item of the proposed budget in order to reflect actual expenses and income. It was a grueling meeting, but as a result, we feel confident going forward, and I’m pleased to report that the financial state of our chapter is quite good.

We have an operating budget in excess of $300,000 and a projected surplus of about 10%. We are steadily building a reserve, which we will need assuming we become an affiliate organization. However, we are simultaneously embarking on new endeavors such as:

  • the creation of the California ACDA State Conference at CASMEC, complete with performing choirs, interest sessions, reading sessions, and the All-State Honor Choirs performing in a beautiful acoustic and visual setting;
  • the creation a budgetary line-item for an annual commission for the All-State Honor Choirs;
  • building the Vision For the Future Scholarship Fund and awarding the first Dr. Charles C. Hirt Scholarship for Professional Development from last year’s proceeds;
  • the establishment and award of the George Heussenstamm Choral Composition Scholarship at ECCO;
  • the addition of Deke Sharon to our board as the first R&R Chair for Contemporary A Cappella;
  • improving our communication through Cantate, email blasts, timely info on our website, and a soon to debut YouTube channel, California Choral Directors;
  • increasing membership through the SingUp Membership Drive and the sponsorship of new Student members.

Our new executive administrator, Kathleen Preston hit the ground running on July 1, 2016 as she took over from Jan Lanterman. The transition went smoothly, thanks to the goodwill of both women, as Kathleen learned about our organization from April through June. Kathleen has automated many of our processes as you will notice, and at the suggestion of President-Elect Rob Istad, is now creating a membership database and a questionnaire which will help us to better meet your needs.

The Executive Board ratified changes to the frequency of board meetings to more closely monitor the finances and programs of the growing organization. Changes are in bold italics:

  • Full Board meets at ECCO and in January. Treasurer will join these meetings.
  • President’s Council will meet in January, March, July, and September
      (in conjunction with other ACDA events to minimize expense)
  • Executive Board meets in October

The President’s Council (president, president-elect, vice-president, executive administrator) met prior to the ECCO Board meetings to set plans for the last year of my term and prepare for the as yet undetermined future of our organization under Rob’s leadership.

Wait…that didn’t sound right. 😉 I’m referring of course to the affiliation question which you will decide in a vote this December.

All kidding aside, I look forward to seeing you at the Second California ACDA State Conference at CASMEC in San Jose on Thursday, February 16 through Saturday, February 18. The band and orchestra portion continues with their All-State performances on Sunday, but many of us have church jobs, so we’re done Saturday evening. Look for more information as we get closer.

Here’s to a great Fall! Make great music and even better memories!

Lou De La Rosa