Welcome to the CCDA Membership page! As an ACDA/CCDA devotee and “groupie,” it is indeed a privilege for me to encourage all choral directors in our huge and diverse state to become members of the California Choral Directors Association.

CA-ACDA recently became CCDA, an affiliate of our national organization, the American Choral Directors Association. As a result, you will join or renew your membership with ACDA through its membership link and simultaneously become a member of CCDA. If you have questions or any technical difficulties with the member application process, please contact me directly.

Membership benefits include national, regional, and state membership in ACDA/CCDA, including both written and media communications on a multitude of wide-ranging choral subjects. Furthermore, since the emergence of COVID-19 and the Social Justice protests began in spring 2020, both CCDA and ACDA have been incredibly creative and imaginative in their efforts to support choral directors with practical tools and resources. These alone are worth your membership!

Please do join CCDA—I look forward to meeting you soon!!