Membership Chair

Welcome to the CCDA Membership page! It is indeed a privilege to serve in this position. I am delighted to have the opportunity to encourage any and all choral directors in this huge and amazingly diverse state to become members of the California Choral Directors Association.

I am requesting your help to sustain and increase our membership, by

  1. Being sure to keep your own membership current
  2. Bringing colleagues to CCDA workshops and conferences
  3. Helping others to take advantage of first-time member discounts as offered at CCDA Fall Workshops and by National ACDA during the Sing-Up membership campaign each fall season
  4. Simply asking fellow conductors if they are members

The knowledge I obtained from the national, division, and state ACDA chapters about all facets of the choral art contributed significantly to my professional growth during 30 years of high school teaching. But perhaps even more importantly, I realized early on that this was a wonderful group of people to be with—warm, helpful and caring friends with smiles, hugs, and positive attitudes. What’s not to like? This support and camaraderie helped me through any number of challenging experiences over the years.

My hobbies are walking, yoga, baking pies, and playing Scrabble, and of course taking trips anywhere and everywhere with Burt, especially if it’s a choir tour. Please do contact me with any suggestions you may have for introducing new people to this outstanding organization, and thanks for being a member!