Junior High/9th Grade All-State Honor Choir

If you have any questions about the California Junior High/9th Grade All State Honor Choir, please e-mail Amanda Isaac at amanda.isaac4music@gmail.com. We are so excited to be able to offer this wonderful opportunity for your singers!

  Our 2019 Junior High All State Conductor will be Dr. Rollo Dilworth from Temple University.


The designated Honor Choir hotels will be listed in the acceptance packet. Students are required to provide and pay for their own housing.


Each Honor Choir participant must be accompanied to San Jose by a parent or other designated chaperone, age 21 or older. It is permissible for one chaperone to be responsible for more than one singer.


Singers and chaperones are responsible for all meal costs in San Jose. We will be rehearsing near the San Jose State University campus, and there are many inexpensive food options around, including the student union.


Honor Choir participants and chaperones will arrange and pay for their own travel.


White tops (the longer the sleeve the better)

Black bottoms (pants or skirts – skirts must be at least knee length)

Black dress socks/tights (tights must be worn if skirt is not floor length)

Black dress shoes


Packing List

  • Music
  • Black Folder
  • Pencils (several)
  • Water Bottle(s)
  • Cough Drops/Lozenges
  • Layers of clothing
    • you won’t be able to go to the hotel between rehearsals, so you’ll need to bring clothes for cool mornings/evenings and warm afternoons
  • Performance Attire (white from the waist up, black from the waist down)
    • White tops (long sleeves please)
    • Black bottoms (pants or skirts, skirts must be at least knee length)
    • Black dress socks/tights (tights must be worn if skirt is not floor length)
    • Black dress shoes
  • Open Mind
  • Great attitude!

BE ON TIME TO ALL REHEARSALS.  This means you should be entering the rehearsal room door at least 10 minutes prior to the beginning of the rehearsal and are seated in your assigned seat 5 minutes prior to the conductor’s downbeat.


  • Please wear your name badge during all rehearsals.
  • NO gum, food or drink, other than water, in rehearsals.
  • ALL CELL PHONES and/or noise makers are to be turned OFF (not vibrate!) before you enter the rehearsal room.  Leave your phones in your luggage or with someone else during the performance.
  • AVOID wearing perfumes or other strong scents prior to or during rehearsals and performance.
  • It is expected that each singer will use good judgment in personal behavior throughout the entire honor choir experience.  Failure to do so will result in immediate dismissal from the honor choir.




Amanda Isaac
Junior High All-State Chairperson
Choral Director, Norris School District, Bakersfield, Ca

Future Junior High All-State Honor Choir Activities

  • TBA