Coastal Region High School Honor Choirs

11/18 Update and All State Information

We did it!

Thank you to Shawn Reifschneider, Lindsay Martens, and San Mateo High, and Jeffrey Benson and San Jose State for giving us two incredibly wonderful locations to hold our honor choirs.

A huge thank you to Katrina Brekke and Kira Dixon for helping every step of the way, and to Ken Rawdon, Crystal Isola, and Charles Young for keeping the choirs in step.

Thanks Andrew Ford and the Saratoga String Quartet for bringing us your beautiful accompaniment to SSAA and SATB, and to Ian Campbell and Dan Sedgwick for percussion-ing with TTBB.

Thank you for all of your help over the last five months and in the last three days: Cassie, Dan, Maricel, Alice, Genevieve, Jim, Barbara, Susan, Bruce, Diana, Michelle, Holly, Genevieve, Laryssa, Willow, Peggy, Pat, Geoff, Tom, Karen, Kristina, Alan, Robyn, Colby, Ash, Ken, and Molly. 🙂

I know I may have forgotten names. Your kindness and generosity are not forgotten. Thank you to all who made 2018 Coastal an event to remember!

Eventbrite Refunds and Donations

Due to the nature of Eventbrite’s policy, we have to either refund ALL ticket sales or none. As a result, I will be issuing an event refund to all purchasers sometime today.

We had to add costs due to our move to San Jose State, and appreciate all of the wonderful and generous donations we received at our concert share Saturday!

If you came to our event (or if you didn’t) and found yourself unable to contribute at that time, please consider making a donation to CCDA to help fund the unexpected costs of our event, as well as keep traditions like this going strong!

All State Information

Dates: March 14-16
Location: San Jose State University (ha!)
Cost: $210 + hotel, meals, etc. on your own

  1. If you apply to All-State and get in, you are committing to all three full days of rehearsal (no missing or coming late).
  2. If you get into All-State and then decide to back out, your school is penalized from participating in 2020.
  3. If you plan to attend, you should triple check your calendar for open dates.
  4. Your YES on this list means you are applying to All-State, meaning the above conditions are applicable for you.
  5. Your NO on this list means you are not applying to All-State. We hope to see you at Coastal next year. 🙂

Updated 10:00pm: 2019 All State Consideration List (by school site)

NOTE: if this list is inaccurate, please email




Coastal Honor Choir Chair

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Coastal Honor Choir Chair

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