Coastal Region High School Honor Choirs

2018 Coastal Student Registration + Fees
Must be completed by Friday, October 19.

Student Registration Form: must complete online by Friday, October 19.

Student Fee Payment Form: must complete online by Friday, October 19.

Resounding Achord Scholarship Information/Application: must complete and send by Monday, October 15.

2018 Audition Results

Alphabetical by Last Name

Alphabetical by School Site

Acceptance Letter – next steps listed here

Director’s Letter – next steps listed here

Non-Acceptance Letter


Notes about Audition Results

  • Some sopranos were switched to altos for score balance purposes. If you are a soprano and you know you CANNOT sing alto, please let me know.
  • Some students who were in SSAA last year are in SSAA a second year; unless you have a pressing circumstance to switch, this is non-negotiable.
  • Directors will receive an email with the audition scores, including a clear breakdown of individual sections, sub-totals, and total score. Please see your directors if you’d like to see your results, using this ID – Student Name list to find your name/ID on the chart.







La Maumariee pronunciation guide

Online tickets for concert to purchase

Part Assignments

Rehearsal Tracks

Black 3-ring binders instead of folders due to staples and music falling out


2018 Coastal Honor Choirs

Rehearsals: November 15-17, San Mateo High School
Performance: November 17, San Mateo Performing Arts Center
2018 Schedule

2018 Coastal Honor Choir Conductors

SATB Choir: Dr. Anna Hamre, California State University Fresno
SSAA Choir: Dr. Angel Vazquez-Ramos, California State University Bakersfield
TTBB Choir: Dr. Tim Seelig, San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus






Coastal Honor Choir Chair

Mary Stocker
Coastal Honor Choir Chair

Albany High School / Albany Middle School
603 Key Route Blvd / Albany / 94706 /